How to install and change themes in Telegram on smartphones

Telegram today is a popular messenger. For users, not only the functionality of the application is important, but also its design. Developers offer different types of thematic design. Also, users have the ability to customize their own background options.

Telegram theme – what is it

The theme is the platform by which the design of the Telegram messenger is configured.

You can install the option you like right after downloading the application itself. No additional manipulations like registration are needed.


Theme in Telegram.

Topics are classified into:

  • Popular (which are often used by other users).
  • Recent (recently established more often than others).
  • From the category “Rating”.

All types of design are divided into groups. For example: “cartoons”, “animals”, on the subject of holidays and others. The ones you like the most can be added to your favorites for easy search.

Traditional options include the blue Telegram Android theme, dark and light. If the user is interested in more themes, then you can subscribe to the channel called “AndroidThemes”.

The themes for Telegram X were different in variety. This is a new application client offering themes for Telegram on iOs.


The purpose of themes for Telegram Android is only in visual appeal and ease of perception by the user. The question of their installation can hardly be called of paramount importance, however, this function allows you to somewhat diversify the use of Telegram.

How to install or change the theme on the phone

To switch the background, you need to enter the item called Theme. It is located in the “Settings”. There is a special window where you can preliminarily see how the preferred version of the skin will look like. If you like it, then you need to click on “Apply” to apply it.

Theme will not only appear on the background of chats, but the color of the menu will also change, fonts and icons will become different.


Themes for Telegram on Android are selected in the “Settings” in the background section for chats. But first you need to download skins. You can do this on the Android Themes Channel, @themes, @tgthemes, and @desktopThemes.

An editor has also been developed for Android. Its use allows you to change the design. You can download it from Google Play. Settings, creating your own skin and any manipulations with it are absolutely free and compatible with versions of Android.


There are 4 Telegram-themes for the iPhone, which can be changed: two for the dark, two daytime. New options are created on iPhone just like Android.

What to look for when choosing

The choice of Telegram design is based more on personal preferences. It is better to use dark + light designs, suitable for different times of the day.

How to return a standard theme

The previously selected skin may no longer be liked by the user. Then go back to the default settings. To do this, refer to the side menu, visit the Telegram settings section, and there select the “Default” design.

How to make your screensaver

All topics developed by readers of a particular group retain copyright. It’s important to know: images should not contain references to brands, trademarks, advertising logos. Developer name is always specified.

Installing a new theme.

The rest of the design can be anything. The main thing is attractive and harmonious. You must publish the skin with the hashtag #theme.

To develop your own theme, you need to visit the settings section, select the “Theme” category there, and then – “Create a new one”.

You can start the selection of color combinations. In the end, it is important not to forget to save the created version. To do this, click on the button “Keep changes”.

After – the new skin enters the section with all design options. You can share the created topic by selecting the mark with three dots, and there – “Share”. And not only in the messenger is available to send the background to friends, but also in other social networks. It is also deleted through the “Settings”.

Guides have been released in English, the instructions of which describe how you can create your own skins for the application. These guides are posted in groups on Telegram. There, users offer new design options.

You can also choose the background suggested by channel readers or bots. They have completely different attractive designs.


The main conclusions that can be drawn are as follows:

  • Telegram messenger includes its own base of themes, but you can create your own or use those that other subscribers have come up with.
  • All backgrounds are divided into categories. This makes it easy to find the right one.
  • Each of them can be saved and shared with friends.
  • Bored designs, if necessary, are available for removal in the platform settings.
  • Each design operation is free.

Such Telegram options give the right to design based on personal taste and preferences, and without restrictions.