How to create a bot for Telegram on Webhook

Telegram bots quickly entered the life of subscribers. Creating them on Webhooks is preferable to the getUpdates method used earlier. This is due primarily to the presence of a permanent connection. The method has different ways of implementation, easy to understand, reliable.

Why are bots needed?

Robots are small programs with a number of features that greatly simplify the lives of instant messenger users. The range of application is extensive. They can receive news, search for audio, video, trade in securities, track exchange rates.

The main task of bota api is to respond to an incoming command by simulating the actions of a living person.

How to use them

Webhooks bot algorithm is easy to understand.

Telegram webhook.

The process of interaction between a person and a robot is performed through a series of sequential commands:

  • The subscriber writes a command.
  • The robot processes and sends it to the server.
  • The command is processed and sent back as a response.
  • Bot displays it on the screen.

This sequence is repeated every time you contact the Telegram bot.

Bot Categories

The bots used in Telegram have a general view. Their only difference from regular profiles is the presence of the prefix “bot” at the end of the name.

Existing helpers are divided into the following types:

  • Gaming.
  • Assistants.
  • Chat bots.
  • Informants.

What are WebHooks?

Webhooks is a method of tracking individual events in real time. Powered by eSputnik. WebHook delivers data on all contact activities without additional requests from you. The information received is regularly sent to the specified POST URL.

How to setup

Setting up Telegram Webhook is a complicated process.

It is executed in the following sequence:

  • Install the Node.js program, create a new project.
  • To create the necessary files and dependencies, you need to register the command:
  • If everything is correct, the setWebhook directory will look like this:
  • In the index.js file, write:
  • In the index.js file, write:
  • Create a webhook check. Add the following code:

This code allows Webhook to be tested on the messenger platform, which confirms the functionality and authenticity of Webhook Telegram bot.

How to register a bot on webhook

Creating an assistant for Telegram on Webhooks is somewhat different from the process of creating an ordinary robot. It is configured using self-signed certificates.

The correct key and self-signed certificate.

Operations have a certain sequence:

  • Install the openSSl package.
  • Generate the correct key and self-signed certificate.
  • When prompted to enter Common Name, you must enter the server address:
  • We move to the certificate directory, create and
  • In the second directory, we write the bot token variable.
  • Open, import two libraries.
  • We create the following instance of the robot:
  • We implement the web server:
  • We send the previously received self-signed certificate and the return address to the server:
  • Specify its settings, launch:
  • We launch bot Telegram setWebhook, activate it, send several messages:
  • We look at the window that opens. If the status code is 200, then everything is fine, the assistant received a message and it is operational.

What to do if the bot does not work

Unrecognizable users who created a robot using an example or existing algorithm often encounter a situation when the assistant stops working.

For any problems with Webhook Python on Telegram or other programming languages, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Give the robot the @Botfather command. It will allow you to get rid of existing technological problems. If necessary, a new fixed bot will be created.
  • To activate chat, type / setprivacy. Enter the address of your robot, wait for an answer. He will prepare a list of existing errors, indicate ways to correct them.
  • In case you notice that the bot is working and the chat is not responding – contact support.
  • If the assistant you created is out of order – look for an error in the code.


As you can see, creating a bot for Telegram using the Webhooks method is not a complicated, but scrupulous process that requires utmost care. The above instructions will help you understand this issue. The process of creating your own assistant will take about half an hour and will not cause difficulties.