How to become invisible in Telegram and is it possible to communicate without the Internet

Telegram application is gaining more and more supporters every day. Telegram has become not just a messaging tool, but a real free communication platform. You can download the latest version on the official website.

What is the feature of the application

Most users love Telegram for its ease of use. The application bypasses all similar messengers in terms of security, connection speed and features.

Telegram runs on Windows, Android and iOS. He also has a web version. The application has built-in automatic caching of messages and files.

This ensures quick downloads of correspondence and post history on channels. Thanks to the peer-to-peer connection, Telegram sends messages quickly.

The personal data of each subscriber is protected by two security protocols. A person can classify personal information by protecting himself from intrusive communication or scammers. It is also easy to hide the time of visiting the messenger.

How to determine user activity

Any participant in the conversation can see when the subscriber was online. The last visit is displayed in the upper chat field under the name of the subscriber. To see when a person used the application, just go to a dialogue with him.

As already mentioned, the main advantage of Telegram is security. Developers value the personal space of their users, and therefore created the ability to hide the status of “online”. The function is called the invisible mode and is in demand among messenger users.

Invisible Mode

The creators of the application have provided an interesting feature that allows you to log into Telegram offline. Users can choose who will see the time of the last visit and who will not.

There are 3 standard groups to whom you can show the status:

  • all;
  • contacts;
  • none.

A person who hid his activity from certain individuals cannot see their status.

So that the field of the last session was not empty, the developers came up with different notations that make it clear the approximate time of visiting the application.

Contacts from which the user hid information about visiting the messenger see the following temporary designations:

  • recently logged in (“last seen recently”). It is used if a person entered the messenger in the period from 1 minute to 3 days;
  • was this month. If the user logged in to Telegram during the calendar month;
  • was online a very long time. Used if the subscriber has not logged into the application for more than a month.

Telegram network status.

These designations give an idea of ​​the regular use of Telegram, but do not cover accurate information.

This will help unfamiliar contacts to understand whether the user is a frequent visitor and whether it makes sense to write to him on this network.

The developers have provided another built-in function – account liquidation. If a person does not visit the application for more than six months, his profile is deleted. Together with him, the files, photos and messages that he sent will be destroyed.

You can change this parameter in the settings. In the “Privacy” section there is a column “Delete account automatically.” In it you can change the time period from month to year.

Why hide online browsing

Each user has their own answer to this question. Someone is hiding from a jealous partner, while someone does not want to advertise lounging in the workplace. Whatever the reason, it’s a privacy issue.

In the modern world, hiding your life is becoming increasingly difficult. Thanks to social networks, you can find out the location, occupation and marital status of any person. Telegram developers allowed their subscribers to save a small fraction of their personal space by hiding the time they visited the messenger.

How to do it

You can limit the circle of people who can see the status of being online, through the settings:

  • Launch the application.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “Privacy and Security”.
  • Click on the column “Last activity”.
  • Change the selected All option (it is by default) to None.

Note! The function is available only on mobile devices. Visiting sessions cannot be classified through the computer version.

How to hide activity from several people:

  • Select “Contact List”.
  • Add exclusions by selecting people from the list.

On a note! If a person was added by accident, you can remove it by clicking on the cross.

Does Telegram work without the Internet

Communication in Telegram without Internet.

It is difficult to give a definite answer. The user can open the application, read the saved chats, but will not send anything.

The “Connection” icon will spin all the time. However, Telegram still has offline mode.

What you can do offline in Telegram:

  • go to the application;
  • View your contact list
  • use the settings;
  • Download pictures, videos downloaded earlier;
  • search by correspondence;
  • read the latest correspondence;
  • delete messages or chats.

What to do offline in Telegram will not work:

  • register in the application;
  • send a message;
  • call
  • follow the links;
  • record / listen to audio messages and video messages.

Note! You can write a message and send it, but it will reach the addressee only when an Internet connection appears. To prevent messages from disappearing, the application cannot be removed from the cache on the phone.

Hide your status in Telegram is available only in the mobile version. All saved settings will be transferred to the computer version. The invisibility installation process is quick and easy.

Each user decides to whom to show the time of the last visit, and from whom to hide. If Telegram is necessary for communication with customers and customers, it is better to leave the “online” status. If you do not want to advertise the active use of social networks, the visit time is turned off. At any time, the selected parameters can be changed.