How Telegram Works Global Search

Despite all the nuances associated with the messenger, Telegram not only lives, but also grows daily with users. Themed channels, chats and bots are constantly appearing. Due to the abundance of information, subscribers, especially beginners, are wondering: how to use the search in Telegram to effectively filter information or find a needle in a haystack driven by a digital “Telegram”.

Application features

Telegram is a progressive messenger whose audience has exceeded 200 million people in different countries of the world. With some “dampness” of the platform, the secret of success is encryption technology and the protection of user data promised by developers.

Search in Telegram.

It was these factors that made the application the main means of communication of freedom-loving people and the main youth messenger.

Therefore, those who want to be in a trend, you need to learn how to make friends with Telegram and its “cockroaches” that distinguish the messenger social network from analogues.

How the search engine works

Frankly, an application search engine cannot be called successful. Until 2017, Telegram search allowed you to find a channel using the exact link to it. And only the updated version, which was released at the end of autumn 2017, allowed users to drive known fragments into a string with a magnifying glass and start a search in Telegram by keyword.

The selection zone includes channels that have the desired key in the headers or descriptions. At the same time, only the first three matches found are still displayed on the screen.

As for the Telegram search line itself, it is corny simple, presented in the singular without the ability to set filters and configure the search engine. In this line, user messages and contacts are searched, a global search is implemented.

Important! The default messenger at the first stage of the search filters your contacts, messages and subscriptions, and only the second time it searches for content that you are not subscribed to, and people not included in your phone’s address book. To start the second stage, after entering the search query, you need to put a few spaces.

How to find in Telegram

After gaining general knowledge about the device of a search engine, you can figure out how to search in Telegram for various content: from people to bots. Each type of information you need has its own nuances and life hacks.


Finding a message is one of the simplest and most popular tasks that active Telegram users set themselves. Direct reading of correspondence with one or another interlocutor does not always succeed, especially if the user is a fan of chatting, where dozens of users share hundreds of messages with texts, links, files, documents each day.

If the text is lost, just drive a passage into the search engine, and the program will filter out matches. Next, a direct search should be determined, the message from which chat with this content you were looking for.

If you need to find a link or a file attached in Telegram messages, you need to open a chat, go to its settings, open the desired tab.

For example:

  • audio (music);
  • links;
  • Photo;
  • video;
  • documents and files.


Finding a conversation or group is easy.

You need to remember and drive into the line with a magnifying glass to choose from:

  • name of correspondence;
  • name of one of the participants in @username format.

The result of the selection will be one or more answers, from which it is easy to choose the desired.


If you need to establish a connection with a specific person, you can find him by phone number.

This is done in two ways:

  • Create a contact on the phone with the data of the desired person. If the person is already authorized, the mobile phone will tell you this information by displaying the messenger in the contacts. If Telegram does not yet know such a user, he will offer to send an invitation message to the new number.
  • Join the number in Telegram itself. In the “Contacts” section, click the plus sign, drive in the number and name. If registration by this person has not yet been completed, you can again create an SMS invitation.

Fact! Adding new people to the messenger is implemented similarly on Android and iOS platforms.


A profile is a person authorized in the messenger. If it is for certain clear that he uses Telegram, but it is not possible to search by number, it is realistic to “break through” by first name or last name. It’s enough to enter the known information in the search engine.

Note! The name and surname are entered in the search line in a pure form. But this method works if the user does not hide his personal data. To search by nickname, you need to start the query with the @ icon.

You can go to the trick and try to find a person by nicknames from other social networks. The same applies to communities, groups, and channels. In addition, there is a line “Add Friends”, where you can include your friends from other applications in your contact list or invite to become a Telegram subscriber.

Important! When using special bots, you can even find a person by car number.


If you need to find a specific channel, a line with a magnifying glass comes to the rescue again. It’s enough to drive the name in Latin and choose the appropriate one. If you want to become a reader of a channel about a famous brand or, for example, a football club, guessing the name is easy.

The search engine will give out not only channels. The filtered information will include bots and people whose nicknames have a given value. The speaker icon next to the name will help distinguish the channel.

Public Channel Search.

In a situation where you are simply looking for thematic content or interest groups, browser search engines or directories will help.

Important! Only public communities can be found through search services. If you want to become a reader of a private channel, you should receive an invitation from the administrator.

The nuances of searching on a computer and phone

There are no serious differences in the search when used on PC and gadgets.

The differences are more visual in nature:

  • on mobile devices, the search icon (magnifying glass) is located in the upper right corner of the main page and is activated by pressing;
  • not just a magnifying glass is displayed on the computer, but a search bar, moreover, in another part of the screen.

Search will work the same on all devices. You just need to paste the keys into the search engine.

How to add a new person

Telegram’s handling technology is simple.

You need to find a person in any of the ways described above:

  • by phone number;
  • through other social networks.

When a person is found, you can make him an offer to transfer to Telegram via SMS. To agree or not – the choice is invited.

Invitation to contact via social networks.

Service benefits

The popularity of Telegram is due to three main features:

  • Anonymity. It is believed that here you can communicate on any topic and not be spied.
  • Universality. There are no differences in the implementation of functions and work on the Android, Iphone and other platforms.
  • Progressiveness. It is here, thanks to the first two advantages, that a large and free-thinking audience has gathered.

Moreover, the service was and remains free. You can open and download it for free on any device.

Telegram, being created as a messenger, has practically transformed into a social network and is actively taking away the audience from its “older brother” VKontakte. That is why all progressive solutions and fashionable stickers are introduced into the program system, and the number of users is measured by hundreds of millions of people.

The amount of information conducted through Telegram reaches billions of messages every day, so the ability to find the right one is an important aspect, having mastered the intricacies of which you will feel comfortable and safe in the application.