Grouping channels and chats in Telegram

Active messenger users may encounter difficulties when their chats with personal correspondence and different communities are mixed. It can be difficult to find the right one. To structure all the information, the developers proposed to group the channels in Telegram. How to do it?

Why sorting is needed

Telegram today is used not only for correspondence, but also for getting acquainted with news or promoting a business. Over time, so many contacts and communities can accumulate here that it’s very difficult to deal with them, since unread messages in time just go down the feeds, and it can take hours to find them.

In order to avoid this and not to miss an important notification, it became possible to group channels in Telegram. At the same time, it turns out to create folders where it is possible to sort new messages. They can always be combined, deleted or edited. This will allow you to better navigate, quickly finding the community you need.

Methods for grouping channels and chats

There are several sorting options in Telegram. For this, special modes and assistants, as well as third-party resources can be used. Consider each of them.


To make life easier for messenger users, special programs have already been created for Windows, Iphones, Android gadgets and other devices.

In addition, the developers proposed those who wish to make their own applications on their protocol. Some of them allow you to group channels and chats.

Plus Messenger for Android

This is one of the most popular clients for Telegram. Here is a wide selection of features and chips. But the main thing that the user gets is the ability to share correspondence: personal, with bots, in communities. Each of them is fixed at the top of the screen and is an icon on which new alerts are shown. Separately, you can create a Favorites folder.

Teleplus for iOS

This is a similar application for iPhones that allows you to group chats in Telegram. The number and set of services are edited using the settings.

AiGram Messenger for iOS

This client is able to become an assistant in any correspondence. The bots integrated here are ways to learn. They are ready to analyze all incoming information and give several answers. The user can only choose the appropriate one. At the same time, over time, replicas become more correct.

Additional features of the service include the creation and grouping of all chats. Separate categories are displayed as icons on which you can view the availability of new messages.


The client is able to thoroughly unload the list in the messenger. All groups, chats, where the user has disabled notifications, completely disappear from the feed. All that remains is what can be interesting and useful to the user. This will make it easier to navigate in incoming messages.

To connect it you need:

  • Go to settings menu.
  • Open the panel by driving a workmode.
  • Click on “OK”, after which there will be new available options, where there will be “Hidden chats”. Selecting it, you will be able to view all unread notifications.
  • There is also an icon for activating and deactivating the general list of communities.

Junction_bot Assistant

The bot allows you to group user-selected channels into one feed, where they can be easily viewed. Thus, you can get rid of a crowded contact list.

Grouping chats in Telegram version 5.6

You can create folders in Telegram, where you can save individual communities, in several ways, which depend on which device the user is using.

On an Android phone

Notifix Android App.

Android owners are invited to use the Notifix application, which will allow you to sort contacts in the notification panel, where it is convenient to see how many new messages have arrived.

To start the assistant, you need to enter an active Google account for synchronization and provide access to notifications.

Additional settings are not needed, since the program does everything automatically. Telegram contacts are grouped by sender type.

On iphone

IOS12 owners can manage their correspondence as follows:

  • Among the settings, select “Notifications”.
  • Mark any of the applications and in the “Grouping” section click the “By program” button.

After this, notifications from specific applications will be saved by topic in one place.

On the computer

Telegram contacts are sorted on a PC as follows:

  • You need to open the main menu and go to settings.
  • Drive in the workmode line. During writing, the user will not see the letter, but this is normal – the mode is active.
  • Click on “OK”, after which the application must be restarted.
  • “Hide chats without notifications” appears at the top of the screen. If you use it, then all groups in which notifications were disabled from the feed will disappear.


The option to divide contacts in the messenger into folders was very convenient and made it possible for users to sort all the information. Now, to find the desired post, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling the feed, afraid to miss something important.