Deleting a Telegram profile on an Android phone

To ensure the smooth operation of the smartphone from time to time, you should get rid of unnecessary files and programs. Applications that we don’t use, not only distract alerts, but can also slow down the device.

If Telegram is among the useless messengers and you don’t know how to completely erase it from your mobile, we suggest that you read the step-by-step instructions. After reading, deleting a profile in Telegram via Android will not be difficult.

Step-by-step instructions for deleting an account

You can permanently delete your Telegram from your Android phone (in principle, on any other device) through the application website. Removing takes just a couple of minutes. To do this, you need access to the Internet, the phone number to which you registered the account, and a link.

Actions on the official website

Permanently deleting a profile in Telegram.

So, first of all, we need to launch the browser and drive the following combination in the search bar “”.

  • You will see a page. It will have a window for entering a phone number. Specify data.
  • An SMS message will come to your smartphone. Its contents (password) must be entered in the browser dialog.

Deactivation procedure

After that, you can proceed to the main procedure:

  • In the list that opens, select “Deactivate (Delete) Account” (in Russian, “delete account”).
  • You will be asked to indicate the reason why you decided to leave. We select it from the list, click on the inscription “Done”.
  • Confirm your desire to delete the account.

Upon completion, your profile will be deleted from the database.

Setting self-destruct profile

If for some reason the previous option seemed uncomfortable to you, there is another way to remove Telegram on Android.

Please note that while using it, the application will still function for some time.

  • Open the messenger, click on the three strips in the upper left of the screen.
  • Click “Settings”, from there we go to the “Privacy” submenu.
  • We get down to the item “Auto deletion of account”.
  • We select the period after which the program will self-delete. The minimum value is one month.

After a time of your choice, the profile will be destroyed automatically. With your account, all groups, chats and media will disappear. A few days before self-destruction, you will receive a reminder alert.

How to remove Telegram application

If you do not intend to say goodbye to the data for good, you can leave the profile, but delete the program itself. Choosing this option, you simply will not receive messages and notifications. But at any time you can download the messenger again and go to your account.

There are two easy ways to remove Telegram.

The first:

  • Find the program icon, hold it with your finger.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Delete”.


In this option, we need the Play Market:

  • We open the market, in the search bar we drive in the name of the messenger.
  • Click on the “Delete” button, confirm your desire.

Saving Important Information

Before you leave Telegram, it is important to check that there is no useful information left in the application. After the “demolition” of the profile, data cannot be returned.

You can save correspondence, photos, video and audio, as well as a list of contacts through the desktop version of the program.

It is done like this:

  • We launch Telegram through the computer, go to the “Menu” (through three bars in the left corner of the monitor).
  • Click “Settings” / “Privacy” / “Export data ..”.
  • You will see a window with data sections available for export. We put checkmarks at the right.
  • We select the folder where the information will be saved, and click on the “Export” button.

All data is saved, you can proceed to delete the profile.

Removing Telegram forever is not a complicated process. You can deactivate the program on the phone by saving the account, or completely erase it from the database.

In the second option, you need to weigh the pros and cons, since a hasty decision will lead to data loss. To avoid annoying misunderstandings, we recommend exporting information to a computer. In this case, you will definitely not lose important letters, in addition, all photos, videos and audio sent to you and you will be saved.