Change name and rename contact in Telegram

In the popular Telegram messenger, any data changes. User nickname is no exception. But many do not know how to accomplish this.

The reasons for such actions are different for everyone. Someone in a hurry wrote down a nickname, while another did not like it over time or got tired of it. In order not to get confused with the settings, we will consider in detail how to change the name in Telegram. It is easy to do on computer and phone.

Also learn about login requirements.

What is the difference between a name and a username

Telegram username and nickname.

At first glance, these concepts are the same. But in reality it’s not so. The name is what the user sees in the chat name and the main Telegram profile.

It is indicated during the registration process when creating an account. In users, it is often repeated. People are found on it for dialogue. Some write and last name. But not necessarily.

Anyone can rename a contact in Telegram.

Username is a personal identifier (ID). With its help, users are searched among a large number of people. It never repeats itself. If there is no firm belief that communication is being conducted with the right person, you should check his username. It differs from the name in that there is an @ sign at the beginning. This parameter can also be changed. No special knowledge required.

Important! Username must be recognizable and easy to remember.

Nickname Requirements

To this parameter, the Telegram messenger puts forward its conditions. You should definitely know about them.

Nickname Requirements:

  • uniqueness. He should not be occupied by someone else;
  • at least 5 characters;
  • when writing, only Latin characters are used;
  • digits and underscores are allowed;
  • font and color fits any.

It is always possible to change the nickname in Telegram. This action is not complicated. His osuschets-tweet any user of the popular messenger.

Telegram name change

This procedure is available on a mobile device and computer. But, it differs, depending on the device. We consider in detail.

On the phone

To change the name in Telegram on a smartphone, you do not need to have special knowledge. This can be done on devices with different operating systems.

With Android

The instructions for smartphones running Android OS are as follows:

  • You need to open the Telegram application and enter the settings;
  • a menu appears where you need to click on the corresponding line at the top;
  • then a new nickname should be introduced, taking into account the requirements for it;
  • Now you need to click on the checkmark to confirm the changes.

After these steps, the username will be different. You can see it right away.

With iOS

To rename, change, correct a nickname on the mobile device of this operating system, you need to perform the same actions as for Android phones.

The iphone here is no different. Unverified sources claiming the opposite cannot be trusted.

On the computer

The procedure for changing the nickname for a PC is quite simple.

You must do the following:

  • open Telegram and your account;
  • Find the profile settings section;
  • Scroll below the column and click on the hyperlink with the nickname under the phone number;
  • after you enter a new nickname in English letters using numbers and underscores.

The procedure for changing the name on a computer, devices running Android or on an iPhone is not complicated. No one will have a problem. Even an inexperienced user.

Important! Today there are official Telegram bots that make it possible to get someone’s username. To do this, you must have the same nickname in at least 3 social networks.

How to rename a contact

This feature is also available for Telegram. Let’s see how to do it on an Android phone.

To change the user name, you need:

  • open the messenger and select the desired user;
  • a window will appear, click on the icon;
  • then click on 3 vertical dots in the upper right and select “Change contact”.

By visiting the menu, you can fix nikname and see the time of the last call.

For iOS devices:

  • required to open Telegram;
  • select the required user;
  • visit the dialogue with the interlocutor, click on its icon.

A window with general materials will appear. Here you can enter, modify, edit, remove information by clicking on the button of the same name in the upper corner.

To change the contact on the computer, the following steps are required:

  • run the messenger from the desktop;
  • open a dialog with the one whose data you need to change;
  • after you need to click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner;
  • then you need to select “Change contact”;
  • a window will open where the necessary actions are available.

Regardless of the device, this procedure is easy. You can change the name of Telegram channels, groups, according to the same algorithm. It is required to visit the settings and carry out similar actions.