Add bot in Telegram – how to do it right

Telegram is the most popular and dynamically developing messenger that successfully works on all major platforms, without actually differing in appearance, functions.

A progressive approach of developers allows you to use Telegram not only for communication, exchange of news or files. With Telegram, you can promote brands.

Helpers when working with the application are robots – automated programs sharpened by the creators for certain tasks. Almost everyone can figure out how to add a bot to Telegram and use its capabilities to the maximum, both on iPhone and Android.

Why bots are needed

At its core, bot is a software-implemented algorithm that supports conversation with a living person. It is guided by key requests and parameters.

Telegram bots.

Elements of artificial intelligence help here: messages are analyzed by keys, and the answer is selected from the generated database.

Modern helpers cope with advising clients on standard situations no worse than real employees. And it’s not always clear who is hiding behind the avatar: a person or an automaton.

How to work with them

Ready-made chats are easy to work with. First you need to find an assistant, after which a number of opportunities.

Chatbot allowed:

  • Add to conversations
  • customize or train;
  • supplement with information.

If necessary, you can create your own helper by inventing a name for him and outlining the range of tasks. You need to master the work from simple to complex.

How to add a bot to Telegram

To add a bot to the Telegram channel, you need to take three steps:

  • Find the group or channel through the integrated search engine by first putting the @ icon.
  • Send an invitation to the chat robot to connect.
  • Make sure that the assistant appears in the contact list.

Important! The machine will be able to join the conversation if the author has not blocked this function for third-party users.

The whole adding procedure does not take more than two minutes. The setup process for specific installations will be a little more complicated.


You can find the robot using @StoreBot or in the bot directory on various sites.

Getting Bot Information

Usually the name of a bot speaks of whether a bot belongs to a particular category. But it is not always possible to guess by name the function of an assistant. Catalogs will help to get information.

Add to group

If you need to provide an opportunity for members of a group to interact with the bot, you will need to add a bot to the group first. To do this, go to the settings of the group itself and select “Add member”. Then, through a search, they find a specific bot and add it to the chat.

Create your bot in Telegram

Create your bot in Telegram.

Connect bot in Telegram – a matter of minutes. You can create an assistant on different services on a paid and free basis. The traditional way is through the service integrated in the messenger.

How the process looks step by step:

  • Download and install Telegram on your phone or PC.
  • Set the command “Manybot” through the search engine.
  • Click the “Start” button, then agree to add a bot.
  • Read the instructions in a pop-up message, perform actions according to it.
  • Go to BotFather.
  • Start correspondence with the helper via the “Send message” button.
  • View the teams for the assistant by clicking on “Start”.
  • Reply with “new bot”.
  • Enter the name of the assistant in the Latin layout with the ending –bot.
  • Save API in the “Manybot” tab.
  • Download feature information or skip this step.
  • Wait for notification that the assistant has been created.

After the process is completed, the creator receives a link where you can connect the bot to the Telegram channel or add users from your contact list.

Note! It’s better to create new chats on a PC so that it is more convenient to use additional files.

If the bot does not work

Chats use program servers in cloud storages; it is their performance that affects the reaction. Therefore, when the assistant hangs, time will help. If the programmer setting the Java code made a miscalculation, or the owner stopped supporting the “answering machine”, you will have to look for a more workable code.

Other ways to use bots

In addition to automatic reporting, robots have a number of additional functions.

They can do:

  • automatic posting, even with a delayed start;
  • sending messages on a client base to enhance sales of goods or services;
  • verification of voting results, organization of the polls themselves.

If you add the bot to the administrators of the Telegram channel, the assistant will be able to work as an administrator in real time.

The following functions will be available:

  • run information;
  • Connect online services for customers;
  • establish contact with the audience;
  • adding to subscribers according to the specified parameters.

Advantages of such administration: a person works with the program at a convenient time, and a robot with an audience – at the right time, saving his creator from multiple duplication of the same actions. A good code can actually drive a site or account.


Work with bots is universal on Iphone, Android devices and desktop computers. With the help of helpers, you can carry out sales, receive additional income on brand promotion or advising clients.